Dueling With The Lightsaber
What is a lightsaber? The term "lightsaber" was popularized by the movie series Starwars and refers to the weapon used by Jidis and thier enemies in mortal hand to hand combat. The fictional weapon is constructed of a metal hilt, highly polished, that wields a blade of light slightly over four feet long. They also were used to shield against and deflect laser bolts. There is at least one lightsaber battle in every Starwars episode since the original Starwars debut in 1977. A recent survey of movie fans determined that the lightsaber is the all time favorite "movie weapon".xxxxxxxxxx

The Fans Weapon Of Choice
The lightsaber being voted the most popular movie weapon is no wonder as is can cut through almost everything without resistance and will cauterize flesh wounds it inflicts resulting no bleeding. It will however be deflected by another lightsaber or by an "energy shield". Part of it's appeal is the sounds it makes in combat. When deployed in combat a very distinctive hum can be heard as it increases in pitch and volume as the blade moves rapidly through the air. When the blade strikes the target or the blade of another lightsaber produces a loud crackle sound.xxxxxxxxxx

The Many Colors of The Lightsaber
In the first two starwars sagas the lightsaber's blade was either blue to signify Jedi or red for Sith. However, in later episodes Luke Skywalker had a green lightsaber to better stand out against the blue sky in outdoor scenes. As the weapon and the starwars saga evolved and in video games the lightsaber took on many colors: Amethyst, Yellow, Purple, Cyan, Viridian, Violet, Silver, and Orange.xxxxxxxxxx

Each Is Unique
Although the lightsaber has evolved throughout the years in Starwars sequels the weapon is always made as a part of the Jedi or Sith training regime and is hand built by each trainee thus unique to its owner. Many however have a high degree of resemblence to each other. More important than how well a Jedi makes his or her lightsaber is how skilled it is used. It can be used as a one-handed weapon or wielded with both hands.

New and Improved Versions
As the years of the starwars saga truged forward new and improved lighsabers were "invented". In the Phanton Menace series a two bladed version was introduced then in Darth Maul and Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones a curved hilt lightsaber was in use. Then in the Starwars video game "The Force Unleased" a saber pike is used with deadly results. This is essentially a short bladed saber with a longer handle that resembles a spear. In some episodes an adjustable length lightsaber is seen.

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